Monday, February 1, 2010

My Wagon has broken wheels

Well, I have basically admitted defeat here, in a sense at least.  I am going in to the doctors on Wednesday to sign up on some sort of program for getting off this shit.
I have been researching my intended strategy and in doing so came across SubSux, they are a really great group of people that have been through what I am going through and I am currently getting some pointers from a couple of them.  
Not sure where all this will lead right now, time will tell.  Will post up the results from my Doctor's Appointment Wednesday some time.
Gosh this is hard.


  1. Defeat? Don't be silly. Accepting help is not defeat, its the wiser choice.

  2. Oh for sure, I know that, it was just that I made a promise to someone I really care about. The defeat part is that I broke the promise ;(