Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Still Plodding

Well I had my appointment today with the Doctor, after waiting to see him I was told that I had to go to Next Step (name of clinic), would have thought the receptionist could have told me that when I was booking the appointment. I went in and filled in several forms of reasonably arbitrary information, after all that I have to wait a couple of weeks for them to call me back to do a phone interview. The phone interview judges my suitability to be put on a two month waiting list.

You would think they would treat, as a priority, and help people who want off the shit, wrong...  Apparently this is all due to a bunch of Red Tape that the Government has put in place, grrrhhh!

Oh well, just keeping struggling along I suppose.


  1. Sure is, unfortunately I am definitely a part of the generation that has not quite learned to master the art of instant gratification. That and I really want this out of my life ASAP.
    I agree there is hope at the end of the tunnel now, all I need to do is get an upgrade to the car I am driving so I can get there faster!

  2. I fear there's no fast lane here. It's a dirt road and you have a tin lizzy.