Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well the Doctor won't help me in the way that I want, so it looks like I have to continue to struggle the hard way and keep my addiction as low as possible for the next little while, until I can get into the Next Step program and take it from there.
Very disappointing, you would think that a GP would want to help someone who has a clear plan of getting off this shit without using opiate based crutches....
Anyway, lots to plan at the moment, have to move house as the owner is selling.  They say things come in three's, cant wait to see what is the next hurdle...


  1. Ta, no guesses from me about the third.

  2. Hey, I am going through the same thing than you..!
    Trying to get over heroin addiction.

    I will pass to see how it's going for you.

    Good luck with all that, this his hard isn't ?? I wish you the best.

  3. Good idea to close this connection, between blogs. And no, I did not bookmark.
    I read here.

  4. HEy - you are still here?

  5. the last time i quit that shit cold turkey without methadone was last year and i was prescribed valium and ativan. i hear that clonidine (sp.) is also prescribed for withdrawal symptoms. clonidine is usually used for high blood pressure or if you are on methadone its to stop the sweats that constantly plague you.

  6. bastards, don't trust doctors. 20 years' bad experience has taught me this

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  8. im so freaking lucky- my dr just asks me how much and what dosage BUT ANYWAY - im like a walking chemist