Friday, August 1, 2003

Return to Family

This is about the time I am confronted with a letter explaining how sorry etc she was of all of what happened, and that she wanted me back etc. 
Foolish me, agrees.

Once you accept the apology of your partner, moving on is a must, if you cant forget and forgive then you must also move on and be ready to face the consequences. It will take time, maybe even faster but everybody needs to move on. It is a process in a thing called life. Things are not always what we expect it to be, so happy are those who haven’t experience it, otherwise you should live by it. We can emerge a better person after all what we have been through.

I accepted it fully, I may have not been able to sleep everytime she was late home, or something came up, but the important thing is I never once told her, I trusted her again eventually.

It is besides the point, life was now perfect again, I had my family, the void was filled, I had no use for drugs anymore - so I thought...