Friday, December 25, 1998

Christmas 1998 - 2nd Shot, nothing to worry about, it's under conrtol.

Well it is Christmas day, almost 4 months since my first shot of Heroin.  Not suprisingly I had felt no ill effects in this period, all the hype in the videos from school and the various 'survivors' they drag round on show to tell you about 'just one try' an your addicted instantly was bull shit.  Aremed with this information, the choice to have another go was pretty straight forward for me, 'snow cones' piss off, I am hard, lets go get picks (needles, guns, syringes etc).

What an awesome day, it flew by, the people that knew me best none the wiser.  Could it be?  A substance that made me feel so could, with little or no detectable traces to the outside world?  Bliss, euphoria and extacy were the modes of the day.

I vomitted immediatly after having it, quite common, something you would think would put people off, but no it is quite a nice sensation when high.

The next few days / weeks / months / years were fine, no urges to have more, no cravings, no come-down...  It would be almost three years till my next 'hit'.